Flagging problematic transactions

On a day-to-day basis, I frequently have transactions which aren’t quite right or I’m concerned about. E.g. If a company said they’re going to refund me or release an authorisation, I want to make sure they actually do.

This would just be a way of marking these transactions. If they were refunded within a week or so, nothing further would be needed. If not, I’d want to open a dispute and actually take action to fix the issue.


That makes total sense. In fact I’m currently work-arounding that limitation by manually adding notes like “This should disappear in a week” and things like that. But your idea is much better, we’ll give it a thought, thanks a lot :heart:


Exactly - I’ve been doing the same thing. It might be almost like a pre-dispute where I’m just indicating concern, but don’t want to take it any further yet.

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