Fitbit Pay

Given Google now own FitBit I’d expect FitBit Pay to be consumed into Google Pay in the future so whilst Revolut support it now, that may break soon (although weirdly still work under Google Pay?).

So, er, win … win?? Nevermind… :joy:

Curve now supports Fitbit Pay, so you could in theory add a Curve card to it and have that charge your Monzo.

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Has it suddenly become easier to implement Fitbit Pay or are the FinTechs just getting toward the bottom of their Kanban backlog before Christmas?

Or was is just built by one developer in their ‘own time’? Given we’ve had some Monzo features built that way, might be the same for Revolut? A dev with a fitbit and a desire to get Fitbit Pay working?? :slight_smile:

Revolut and Curve both use GPS, as do Starling

That gives them Fitbit Pay “for free” right now

Gotcha that makes sense. One of the few drawbacks to Monzo brining as much as possible in house I suppose.

That is great :joy:

Finally upgraded from Alta to Versa 2 upon Curve support and can confirm it works a treat:

Revolut Mastercard added to wallet as back up too.

+1 for Fitbit Pay support on my new Monzo account.

Revolut and Starling both have fitbit pay, so do other traditional banks. How come this is still not supported by monzo?

I would imagine it’s a provided service through GPS for Revolut and Starling.

Monzo don’t use GPS.

Is Fitbit pay staying around now that Google own them? Doesn’t seem logical for one company to run two payment services.

That old chestnut again

Of what I would call traditional banks, only Santander do

As @anon99402360 says above, Revolut and Starling picked it up “for free” from GPS, which Monzo are now thankfully free of in terms of improved reliability for transactions

Revolut are also currently moving away from GPS to their own RevP card processor, which does not support Fitbit Pay (at the moment anyway)

hmm I thought it would be the same as apple pay or google pay as only fitbits with NFC are able to do payments. @anon99402360 not sure if they’ll switch to Google Pay. If they do hopefully they’ll add apple pay too. I don’t quite understand the difference between these technologies and the security behind them, hence why I asked the question.

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Eurgh it would be so much worse to have it and then lose it!

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+1 I would really appreciate this feature as I am often out with running with no phone, just my fitbit. Please add support.

I’m another one that would love FitBit pay