Fitbit Pay support?

(Scott) #82

Yeah I’ve got it linked with starling, mega handy when in the gym and need to buy a drink or whatever :smiley: don’t use apart from when at the gym mind lol

(Ashley) #83

Throwing my hat in the ring for interest, too.

(Nicol) #84

I would love to see this feature added, would be super handy!

(Leon) #85

I would also be interested in this feature. Thank you.


(Dom) #86

I would still very much be interested in having fitbit pay supported.

Let us know :slight_smile:

(Simon Tomes) #87

+1 for FitBit Pay support.

Health Conscious + Money Conscious = Good marketing sense :wink:

( #88

I would very much like this please! :blush:

(Brandon Billingham) #89

Needing a new smart watch I’d be very interested in this



(Richard) #91

+1 for FitBit pay support on the FitBit Watches


+1 for Fitbit pay support. Revolt look to have added support now.

(Emma (still not the app)) #93

But they don’t have Apple Pay. Swings and roundabouts

(Thomas Horne) #95

… or Google Pay of your stuck with a VISA card account.

(Andrew Jenkins) #96

Oh I think they are “sticky”, with some anyway. I’d like to see Fitbit Pay implemented by Monzo. I’ve had Fitbit trackers since the original Fitbit One. They work too. I used to struggle getting my original target of 8,000 steps a day, now I regularly hit 20,000 a day. Mind you having Monty (pictured) may be helping too.