Fitbit Pay support?

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #42

Shocker :upside_down_face:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #43

Happy forum anniversary thingy btw!!

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #44

Still no Monzo support


As soon as Monzo support Fitbit Pay, I’m upgrading from my Alta to the Versa. :watch:


I want a bank card from The Bank of Beaver City…


does it have a picture of a beaver on the front?

(Valeri) #48

I mean this professional logo… :rofl:


Having received a Fitbit recently this would be a handy thing to have


Fitbit need to have this on the Alta and charge to really make an impact. I just bought a charge because I don’t want a smart watch


Add me as another who would like this feature (Ionic owner). I actually got a Starling account purely because it supports Fitbit Pay, but as someone who has an immediate dislike/distrust of anything overly corporate, the design of the Starling card and app just got my back up so I went straight back to Monzo.

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(Richard) #52

I’d like to see it…

Don’t particularly need it… might tempt me to buy another fitbit again (had a charge 2, lost interest in it)… currently leaning towards the apple watch

(Andre Borie) #53

When is Fitbit Pay coming

It’s as if we had a legal obligation not to talk about certain things.


(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #54

There is no NDA, it’s a myth :eyes:

(Richard) #55

Not for fitbit pay anyway…

(Andre Borie) #56

I guess they’re having a hard time getting anyone onboard anyway, let alone with an NDA. :joy:

No sympathy for them btw, we don’t need yet another knockoff mobile payment scheme. They should unite with their competitors (Samsung, Garmin, etc) and work on a single, standard payments scheme open to current & future participants instead of each one trying to peddle their own scheme.


yeah, to hell with choice and competition. let’s all just get an iphone and be done with anything else.


So there’s a difference between a proprietary standard / product (think Apple Pay) and an open, non-proprietary standard (such as HTML or the other things that underpin the web).

I’m all for the latter. I agree that a monopoly on the former is… undesirable.

(Peter Shillito) #59

If anything, Samsung Pay is the one I would argue is the most unnecessary of all NFC payment methods due to the fact that Google Pay exists. It’s redundant out of the box. At least with Fitbit it has its own platform and devices.

However, I do agree that there should be a standard thing that all NFC providers tap into, so there’s no device or platform exclusives (and we wouldn’t have anything like the Monzo Apple Pay debacle). It could be a non-profit intermediary offering an API between platforms and banks/card companies. The combination of bank and phone platform shouldn’t be a thing you need to think about.

(Stephen Spencer) #60

The problem is each XYZ Pay scheme needs the bank to do work unless someone invents a standard, which AFAIK noone has yet.

At least Samsung have indicated that they are open to companies licensing it for other products, unlike Google who only run Google Pay on GMS Android, and Apple obviously only on Apple devices. So fitness products theoretically could use Samsung Pay, if the witterings are to be believed.
Also Samsung has the advantage that it supports magstripe emulation hardware, for places that like that kind of thing.
But of course Samsung Pay has the disadvantage that on their phones, well, “Why wouldn’t you just use Google Pay”.


That is true about their phones but on some of their watches it is only possible to run Samsung Pay not Google Pay.