Fitbit Pay support?

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I actually just got rid of my Gear S3 and got a Fitbit Ionic - sounds insane. The Ionic has little app support, the UI is laggy as anything, you can only have the temperature in fahrenheit if you have miles as your distance measurement, it’s RRP is ridiculous (£200 is the absolute max I reckon they should reasonably be asking for it) problems, problems…

But - I really missed the fitbit app, nothing beats it’s features and integration with other services. As a day to day all round fitness tracker you can’t beat a Fitbit… I just can’t look at the weather app or use a watch face that displays temperature anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

The only bank card that I have that I can use with fitbit pay is my KBC Ireland current account - which I only ever use on holiday in Europe.

I really hope they push for more support from UK banks, but have a feeling that fitbit pay will eventually just fall by the wayside.


it has come to UK now and working well with Starling Bank account/card

(Patrick) #23

Yeah, Starling and Danske Bank UK are the only UK banks.

I closed my Starling account a while back though. To be fair, I found watch payments really awkward.

The only time they came into their own for me was vending machines and self service tills when I was in a rush. Otherwise I just felt like an idiot trying to angle my wrist to the terminal in an unnatural way.

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Looks like Santander is one of the first legacy banks to support Fitbit Pay:

Still holding hope that Monzo will come sooooon :crossed_fingers:

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I’m afraid to say that we have no plans to support Fitbit Pay at the moment and it’s therefore unlikely to come in the near/medium term future, unless our plans drastically change. Sorry about that! We just need to focus on the most important features that the largest number of people can use :slight_smile:

When will Monzo support Apple Pay?

Like #Tags :rofl:

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According to Starling, Fitbit Pay accounted for 0.06% of transactions, or 0.12% if we prorata since it launched.

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Fascinating that they put out stats like that and STILL don’t include customer numbers. I wonder why they guard them so jealously…

Starling Feedback

The new Fitbit Versa is most likely going to be my next upgrade from the Alta come Autumn.

It supports Fitbit Pay and it’d be great if if you can at least put Fitbit Pay on the roadmap, even if it is just as a long-term ambition.

The Monzo ecosystem needs more of these features if you want the network effects you often speak highly of.

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Adding Fitbit Pay would not create a network effect.

A network effect is where the value of the feature increases as the more people use it.

Right now, adding that feature would only have a direct benefit to Fitbit owners.


Thanks (my error). Replace network effect with “lock-in effect” and my point remains.

i.e. I would be more entrenched in the Monzo ecosystem if Fitbit Pay was added (along with the Marketplace further down the line).

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When is Fitbit Pay coming, is Fitbit Pay here yet and has Fitbit done NDA?

I miss Apple Pay thread :frowning_face:


Oh goodness. This thread is a thing?

(I own a Fitbit)

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It is indeed lol

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Does Fitbit even have an NDA?

Let’s get this thread up to 2000? :joy:

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It will be now @Danny is involved…

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Won’t even reach 100 :joy_cat:

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Yup :sunglasses:

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Interestingly starling supports Fitbit AND Garmin…