First Direct / HSBC Current account timescales

These are sweeping judgements. Mitigating circumstances of the past result in a heightened tolerance. Drunk is a stretch.

As is the norm on this forum, judge first, ask questions later.

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Lol - you got a smirk, amusing. You’re failing to recognise. I mentioned several times I’ve £400 in a secondary account with Barclays, thus meaning all I had to do was a Faster Payments transfer. Even in North Yorkshire, don’t believe a chicken kebab sets you back 3 digits…

Please I implore you, they aren’t meeting their regulatory obligations… It’s turned into another thread of personal judgement as opposed to discussing the nature of whatever system on their end likely being set up improperly, thus causing the dilemna.

jo6, when you aren’t drawing in MS paint, please tell me how it is irresponsible to spend money you have already simply in another account

This thread has strayed SO far away from my initial concern - HSBC allowing a seemingly unlimited unarranged overdraft to minors.

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I think this thread has run its course - there was some useful stuff around different timescales then it went, weird.

And despite the OP claiming the thread was about HSBC offering unlimited overdrafts to Monroe’s the first post clearly says it was about FD account opening times.

Paging @AlanDoe


Well, can’t we change the heading? Why can’t somebody actually address my query, as should happen on a banking forum as opposed to devolving into this, whatever this is…

My concern quoted. What do you think?

This is not what your “initial concern” was. Take it up with HSBC or just use the account you have money in.


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I would never have guessed you’re a child.


What is the point of that, aside from condescension? I sleuth so much of the forum and it tends to be the default attitude with everyone who isn’t in the limited circle of those that are constantly on the forum.

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I was responding to his condescension.

(Despite making it clear I held the funds at the time in another bank)

We’re now arguing and it’s utterly futile.

yup hence the reason i stoped posting on this forum due to the group of regulars

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I hit a raw nerve, as Depeche Mode would say…

Peace out, I’ll be requesting data erasure under GDPR.

GDPR doesn’t apply, but Monzo will anonymise your account.


I think this thread is due for a lock and cleanup @AlanDoe

It’s funny when people get their backs up over little things


This is personally identifiable.