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Notifications now appear to be available on my app on Android!


No update for me yet… :sob:

Got my update also on android.

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No need to rub it in… :sob:

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After all the waiting I’ve been blessed! Its a post Easter miracle! :joy:


Hello. What app version are you on after getting the update? I am on 5.00.3.

5.01.0 is what mine says

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Just updated to 5.01.0 and it seems that notifications have been applied. It states that it could take 3 days - is this the wait time experienced by others or sooner?

I think mine started after about 24 hours.

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Do card notifications come at point in time?

Cuz I had some the other night come just before midnight for pending transactions that had finally cleared.

Notifications weren’t live on the Thursday or Friday when I actually made the purchase. Anyone confirm?

The notifications come at time of any money in or out for me, not when they clear.

Thanks, just thought it was strange, could’ve been delayed, but conveniently as they cleared :sweat_smile:

I have had some delayed ones but I’m talking for an hour or so, despite the money having been or gone

Wish they’d sort out available balance now too, for the Home Screen.


I also have 5.01.0 and have the option to switch notifications on now! :tada::tada:


Batch processing of standing orders and direct debits will cause erratic timings. Debit card use notifications should be more or less instantaneous.


I agree, but 11:45pm two notifications for transactions I made days ago, subsequently checking and they’d cleared in the app from pending makes me think otherwise.

I’ll see what happens going forward.

My guess would be this is a bug somewhere that over time they should fix. There is only so much they can be done pre launch to find these issues.


I just got my online statements for current a/c & saver, and they have dollars for the curency, in the summary & on the column headings for transactions -

  • is it just me? It used to be blank, just numbers.
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Mine has £ - pretty strange for it to even be possible for it to show any other currency.