First Direct chat

It isn’t. However it has a harsh rate drop as does the HSBC one for any withdrawals down to 2%.

For any month where a withdrawal is made.


Second this. I ended up closing the bonus saver for that reason.

Barclays Rainy Day Saver is great if you can be bothered to jump through the hoops.


Yea that’s a good point. Completely forgot about that. Suppose it’s still good compared to nationwide instant access and RBS.

Forgot about monzos 4% too.

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This works well for me as it stops me “dipping” into the savings unless I really need to. Like recently when I wrote off my car! :sweat_smile:


For anyone bothered by the pesky blue dot in the app, I think I’ve found a way to clear it.

I had the monthly interest paid on my bonus savings account and, after checking the account, later that day the dot had disappeared.

I transferred £1 to my savings account today, and again after checking that account and going back into the app a bit later, the dot had disappeared.

It looks like if you have a “stuck dot” on one of the savings accounts, a new transaction can clear it.

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No one can escape from the dreaded dot.


Reckon the dot will get fixed? :crazy_face:

I’m wondering if one day it’ll be the introduction of notifications, or any of the other benefits of switching to Mastercard that were touted at the time.


You never know… you never know.

8pm Sat to Sun AM seems, large. Either it’s a big fix or they’re decoupling old and replacing with new.

My guess, we’re finally going to get in app budgeting.


I might switch to it if it’s that. I went in for the £175 bonus but I didn’t mind the app and the reg saver would be nice. Plus, I really like the card.

Does anyone know if you can cancel your gold credit card in app or do you have to call?

I think with most banks you need to call but would definitely imagine so with first direct.

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It’s not notifications sadly :pensive:

Just tried to put £1 in my FD account. Got no notification

I’m sure they’d have made more noise about actual improvements, I never thought this was more than just routine maintenance rather that any sort of feature rollout.


One hopes that they’re going to start rolling out more features. They’ve only said the maintenance is to prepare for the new exciting features etc. Rather than out and out saying we have new features.

I do hope they become more “fintech-y” a-la Monzo. But similarly I’ve enjoyed being a FD customer the general simplicity and ease of use has been the main reason for my fanaticism :sweat_smile:


There was a time when that was the intent - HSBC were going to make FD the ‘new monzo’ and a ‘challenger competitor’

But then they realised they’de much rather have the customers instead.

I love FD for the simplicity, but it’s too simple. HSBC has the perfect balance of fintech and simplicity for me.


Starling is the perfect simple yet fintec for me lol.


more planned maintenance this weekend, hopefully see something new.

Otherwise I’m in the middle of setting it up for a switch over to my NW with an attempt to get the bonus again.

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Bit annoying I never get these emails about the maintenance…

Rethinking my stance as a FD super fan tbh… :crazy_face: