Fintech IPOs


Chat here about Fintech IPO’s. Past, current or future…


Anyone watching Adyen’s float today? They listed at an $8bn valuation and are currently up over :100: % on the day up to $16bn… absolutely smashed out of the ball park, but is it sustainable?

It seems a good omen for the other fintechs wondering whether an IPO would be in their interest any time soon.

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Very encouraging response. I think the underlying opportunity is enormous @rarther , and I think the market has maybe priced this in, even if not yet captured. Good question on sustainability though


Adyen now trading at $22.5bn - up nearly 3x since float. Is this a fintech bubble?

Funding Circle now looking to raise £300m at up to £1.8bn valuation in IPO. Will be very interesting to see whether this gets the same market reception.

If it does get an instant re-rating, it makes you wonder how much Monzo would be worth if left to market forces?


So Funding Circle’s IPO landed and was met by the market with yawns.

Maybe this is evidence that there isn’t a fintech bubble? Very rational response to an overvalued IPO.