FinLowTech - PDQ/POS with a calculator!

(Nick Perry) #1

When dining out I regularly lament the fact that no one seems to have invented a hand held PDQ/POS terminal with a calculator or bill splitting on it. It seems like such a basic requirement of anyone taking payment in a restaurant.

But then the interfaces on PDQs seem poor generally (along with office telephones!) so I figure no suppliers are that interesting in making a difference for their customers! So analogue :slightly_smiling_face:

But am I actually right? Are there PDQs with this feature?


The real issue is that most POS and/or PDQ are developed by companies with no interest in user experience, and often their customers are locked in and can’t easily switch, which allows them to make crap products and still get business. A prime example of this would be Oracle which bought Micros and just lets it rot (seriously, in 2017 their software still looks like 1990’s garbage).

(Michael) #3

The PDQ machines in Turkey have
Those functions, I noticed them in several restaurants. They are slightly larger than the normal ones.