Fingerprint login broken

I’ve set up fingerprint login in the app but every time I log out, the settings are reversed and when I try to login again I have to go through the tiresome process of email / pin code etc.

Also, is it true that ‘live’ or ‘semi-live’ chat doesn’t exist anymore?

You’re not supposed to log out of the app. Simply close it and then you’ll be prompted to unlock it with your fingerprint when you reopen it.

Have you got a link to where you saw this please for some more context?

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Many thanks for your quick reply …

I’ve just changed phones and I seem to remember that I used to logout of the Monzo app on the previous phone and then used fingerprint to log back in … anyway I have now done as you’ve said (ie not logged out but just closed the app) and all is well. Thanks.

I also remember that there used to be a way in the app to go into help and click on a ‘live chat’ session … someone might not get back to you immediately but you could register a question and be told that someone would deal with the query in due course … which was usually not very long ie what I would call ‘semi-live’ chat.

regards … Dave

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No problem :slight_smile: As far as I recall logging out of the app has always made you go through the email “magic link” process. If you’ve now got fingerprint authentication turned on you’re safe to just close the app.

RE live chat.

Monzo were getting inundated with too many questions that people could find the answer to themselves quite easily. So a lot of the wait time was down to people asking things that could be answered in one sentence.

Monzo now want you to search the help articles to “self help” first before contacting them. If you don’t find anything in there I believe you’ll then see an option to open a chat.


It’s worded much better from someone at Monzo here:


haha … yes you’re probably right! … I’ve got a couple of bank and credit card apps and they do allow ‘normal logout’ - brain wires have got tangled

re: live chat … yes, I guessed that was the case … but I see now the ‘get in touch’ button which takes you to chat if the auto response doesn’t explain fully.

So …my bad, sorry for troubling you but many thanks again for your quick replies!!


No trouble at all mate.

If you get stuck finding the chat button, I believe you can simply type in ‘chat with us’ into the searchbox.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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