Fingerprint ID problem

Have fingerprint id on my phone.
In my work i sometimes get cuts and grazes on my fingers. this messes my logins as it will not reconize me. we could do with a backup login. such as a pin. so i can still access my account. or a means of turning fingerprints off. I have had to enter yet another fingerprint to my phone today to login. I am running out of fingers.

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On the app go to account>settings cog (under card pic) > turn off Touch ID


Hey @robdoore,

Just a thought if your phone is having issues picking up your current fingers it might suggest that you’re not getting a full enough scan of your finger, also id make sure you don’t have anything on your fingers when it’s not working.

For the fingers not working you are able to remove and re-add those to get them working again while they heal up!

Wear better gloves :open_hands:


A simple solution would be to use your toeprints :footprints: instead. Unless you’re getting your toes cut up at work too. :wink:

Seriously, though, if you’re getting that kind of damage at work, then purely from a H&S standpoint you should be issued with some kind of protective gloves or something. You shouldn’t be getting injured at work!

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Have you been injured at work? Call the National ambulance chasers helpline


Now now.

How about the tip of your nose. It would be less likely to be scuffed and relatively easy to put on the fingerprint sensor.

When it’s really cold and I have non-touchscreen gloves on, I’ll use my nose for my touchscreen if no-one’s looking :grin:


If I remember right (I no longer have touch ID as I use face ID) you can register 6 fingers in Touch ID. I tended to register the first three fingers on each hand so I could open it with any of the 6 if my phone was lying on a desk.

That being said, most banks tend to have a fallback when touch ID fails.

toes next… but it is a pain to take your socks off each time you want to use the app!

I’m in the same boat, try being a carpenter and wearing gloves… it does’t work! Same with most jobs in the building trade, gloves just get in the way. So I do feel your pain!

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been getting the exact same fingerprint ID problem until it got so big of a problem that i barely could open my own phone. removed fingerprint ID completely. now i don’t even have a password but i do that i should to be honest. another idea is iphone x or any other phone with face recognize, unless you get scars on your face often :smiley: