Finding a 3060/3070 GPU

Any idea where to get a 3060Ti GPU ?
eBay are around £600, even though RRP is about £420.
Looks like it’s my only option due to the lack of GPUs around.

If I was to buy off ebay would I be covered incase anything went wrong?

I havent used ebay in years and dont even have an account but just speculating.

Could you not just wait?

Or buy a previous gen? I don’t think you’d really need all of that power anyway.

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Wait. GPU prices are sky high at the moment, due to shortages and Trump’s tariffs (which has an impact on the UK market).

Now is an absolutely terrible time to buy a GPU.


If I want to game in 1440p then yeah I do need the power. I’m not willing to spend that much to be fair, I’m on some other forums which have classifieds and they go for slightly cheaper.

I know, it’s awful.

I’ll have to wait then. I would only spend that much money if it was from an official reseller and not joe bloggs of ebay

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The previous gen cards aren’t so bad. Some of them could easily pull off 1440p. 2160p maybe not.

Forgot to say I want 1440p in Cyberpunk 2077. Whole different thing.

I can play 1440p on CS GO and Forza. No chance in CP2077.
Current GPU is an RX580 which breezes through 1080p, but nothing higher really.

As people above have pointed out, you probably do not need a 3060Ti GPU, especially not for Cyberpunk 2077 at 1440p.

Cyberpunk 2077’s minimum GPU is listed as a GTX 780, with GTX 1060 6GB recommended for 1080p high, RTX 2060 for 1440p ultra, and an RTX 2080 Super for 4K ultra.

Its a simple choice. If you really want a 3060Ti, you should just pay the overpriced eBay prices as they will not really be reducing any time soon. If you just want better graphics, aim for an RTX 2000 series GPU instead at a cheaper price.


Unless you’re playing on some massive screen and I mean massive your eyes aren’t doing to notice that much difference playing through a standard gaming monitor.

It’s like the jump from 4K to 8K for the majority of home users you’ll not notice the difference between the picture quality.

I switched my 32" monitor for a 43" UHD LG which I wasn’t using.

1080p was acceptable on my monitor but on the TV it’s not great. Cyberpunk anyway.

Most other games are fine.

Are you covered on eBay if anything goes wrong ? Seems the only place to get GPUs at the moment.

You’ve got your answer then :sweat_smile:

Either pony up the cash and buy it or wait around for them to finally stock up again.

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As it’s a lot of money. I’d be covered right ?
Not used ebay or paypal in years. From what I remember your still not fully protected against scammers ?

You wouldn’t really have a warranty. It could pack in the day after you get it and you can’t complain to the seller or get money back (most likely)

If you buy one and get a brick then you might be able to claim your money back from eBay

But please don’t contribute to scalpers’ business model


After doing some tweaking I can play 2077 @ 1440p now about 42fps. So it is playable.

Some do come with receipts but as I said it’s a lot of money. Problem is, the situation from what i’ve read isn’t going to improve at all so 2nd hand is always gonna be the only way I think

This certainly isn’t true.


It’s mostly true, it would appear. Looking at the policies, eBay give you recourse if the item is faulty on arrival, but unless the seller offers a warranty, if it packs up later down the line you’re not covered.

Although their ‘Safety Centre’ has a “Know Your Rights” section which covers the Consumer Rights Act, I feel it’s significant that they make no mention of covering any remedies themselves, and instead point you to Trading Standards and consumer rights organisations. Very much appears to sum up to “Well yes, if you buy something that breaks quickly, you have rights - but it’s not our problem!”

Which means what ndrw says is likely true - you can’t complain to the seller or get money back [through eBay].

The day after though would surely count as on arrival.

If it was a month after then maybe not.

I generally don’t use eBay anymore or PayPal for that matter. The level of service is just a bit crappy when things go wrong.

If I were to buy a 3060Ti from a classifieds section of a well known website - would I be covered under the manufacturer warranty ( NVidia ) ? Comes with receipt

After doing some reading I think if you have any problems you must take it up with the supplier, not Nvidia. However they do have a 2 year warranty but not sure how it works.

According to scan, it’s non transferrable. I’ll leave it.

See limitations of warranty

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Thanks dude. Looks like it only covers the person who bought it originally.

Looked on a stock checker, they tend to come in stock for literally 4 minutes then sold out. It’s not even possible to check out in less than 5 minutes. Greedy buggers are obviously using snipes to buy them asap so they can sell them at a ridiculous price

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