Financial control as abuse and how Monzo can make a difference


Great article. Shows the example I gave above is not at all far-fetched and to a determinied abuser, of which, (despite the naive opinions of some) there are many thousands, the slightest hint of knowledge about where there ex-partner might be is enough to restart a cycle.

I too look forward to the blog from the vulnerable customers team. I think this a fascinating part of the Monzo banking approach


Thanks for sharing - reading that really brought home the human impact.

Not to diminish the role of banks, but I wonder what role the credit reference agencies are playing? These are (to my mind at least) largely unregulated, unaccountable organisations that have huge power over our day to day lives - including details of our financial associations. I can imagine not being able to correct my own data in these awful circumstances would be absolutely anxiety inducing.


The guardian seems to be on a roll with this