[Feedback Wanted] Restaurant surveys for rewards

Dismissible item with opt-in for sure and of course, only at places I have visited.

The answer to the rest depends highly upon execution. I’m happy to anonymously answer a couple of simple questions after leaving the place in return for some small amount of money back off a bill (see Google Opinion Rewards) or a Wallet pass for a future drink/desert/etc.

As @oliver said, I also dislike this being part of the core product. I believe this should be something built on your own APIs by a separate internal team. I’m not comfortable with marketing and surveys getting mixed up with the core bank or app.

As for the loyalty stuff mentioned by @JamesBell, I’m not crazy about one click signups but certainly opting in to link my Mondo account with a retailer’s existing scheme/app with the previously discussed merchant APIs would be nice (for example, taking the kinds of loyalty sections you see on paper receipts today and enhancing them with deep links in to the merchant’s own app, website, etc.).

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