Features of top up account that would be great to see in current account

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I hope i’m not duplicating any post, but wanted to write down somewhere all the features that made the top-up account incredible and that I would love to see in the current account.

To begin with I guess is there any intention of actually combining the two? i.e If i could have a current account, but then just spend on my top-up account. I think this would be great for people who travel a lot as it would mitigate the risk of having card stolen or copied and having all ones money taken from the account.

Next the feature which allows to pay people by just having a Monzo account and a phone number is incredible.
I love being able to split bills and send money instantly.

The next is a feature which was available on IOS but not on Android and that was budgeting!!! Please develop that for android as I have no intention of going back to Apple.

I guess that is all I can think of for now.


ps. actually a feature to activate a security check before opening the app I guess could be useful.

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Let’s see if I cover everything:

  • Current account + top-up account = Pots?
    • Or just keep your legacy account and use Faster Payments / Standing Order / Top Up to move money in
  • Monzo-2-Monzo is in the works for the current account
  • Budgeting is on the roadmap for android…
  • Fingerprints for Android is planned

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Hi thanks for the reply.

So i was looking into the Pots post earlier and thought of pots as a way of planned savings for specific things.
My current account + top up account was more a reference to having both cards connected to the same app and being able to transfer in and out of each other with ease.

Glad to know monzo 2 monzo is happening and so is budgeting and fingerprints.

All clear now :slight_smile:

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