Feature request: clicking one of your limits should show the transactions that affect it

(James Billingham) #1

I have a lot of problems where I run out on my limits - mainly on receiving P2P payments, as my entire extended circle of family/friends/colleagues use Monzo now.

It’d be good if I could tap on limits to see all the transactions contributing to the given limit, so I can gauge how long I’m going to need to wait.

Currently it’s very difficult to do this via the search feature. Presently it’s not possible to filter by credits or by P2P payments.


Following the same logic this would also be useful for travellers checking how much of their ATM allowance they have used up

(Rich) #3

aren’t all targets based on the categories, so if you go to spending and hit one of the categories it will show you what is contributing to that target.

you can search for people/p2p with the button with the head on it in search, I’m guessing you knew that and want something to search for all?

(Rich) #4

ATM transactions can be searched for though… just hit that merchant button in search

(James Billingham) #5

Not targets - limits. The limits on how much you can send/receive on your account.