Feature idea: monthly report

(Ben Graham) #1

What about sending me a monthly analytics report featuring
How much I spent
On what
Categorised by vendor and category
How much money was added to my account
Where I spent most money geographically

It would be cool to issue a yearly report every month which shows the same for the preceding year

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

That’s an excellent idea, thanks!

We did explore something similar a few months ago but we haven’t build it yet. Let me give you a very early conceptual preview of the kind of things we want to offer at some point…

(James Billingham) #3

Really loving the savings investment idea. Would reduces the barrier to entry so much if it could be done in one-click.

(Will Stanley) #4

This looks fantastic and I want it. Is there a timescale for this/travel reports etc? I know you guys are busy but it’s good to know when to expect all the cool stuff you are making.

(Hugo Cornejo) #5

@Will1 We don’t have defined dates for this yet but very soon we’ll be sharing with you something that it’s going to give you better visibility on the actual things to come :slight_smile: