Fast support responses ⚡️

(Matt C) #13

Yeah, there is transparency and there is transparency. I don’t think we should be seeing stuff like that in real time, especially as we wouldn’t always know if there was a reason for a sudden peak of activity or not. I applaud how honest Monzo have been, but I would rather they work on features other than allowing us to see specific numbers of who is at what status for in-app chat.

(Jai Sullivan) #14

Great work Monzo, so good to see! :monzo:


I’d actually quite like to see that chart live too - and you never know it might actually spread the load. If it wasn’t urgent and there was a long wait time I might not start my chat until later :wink:

(Herp Derp) #16

Doesn’t have to show everything, maybe just an average for that hour?

(Matt C) #17

Well the in-app chat is going to have more accurate timings within it soon. I don’t understand why we need to know any more than that?


I am not in favour of a live customer facing board.

I have full trust that the correct accountability and management is in place.

As an employee I would absolutely hate to have the extra pressure of my work being so publically displayed.

I don’t see the benefit to the customer (and am not sure there is one) outweighing the mental health effect on the employee.

Having status times in app is in progress, and as a user raising an issue that is all you need.

Well done to all COps for getting through what must have been a really rough and pressurised time, hopefully hiring has now caught up with scaling to mean you don’t have to go through it again. :clap:

Why we made a mistake with customer support (and how we fixed it)

Well done. A noticeable difference in recent days.


Awesome! :clap:

I’d love to know what people are actually chatting to COps about though. Only to satisfy my own curiosity though :grinning:.


That is fascinating to me too!

(NM) #23

Is there any chance of just getting a press release on the stats and the reasons why etc.?


I think it was said a little while ago that a blog post was in progress but they wanted to wait until they were solidly out of the woods before doing so.

(NM) #25

So wouldn’t that be now, the bearing in mind the jubilation


I feel a few more days, community always gets things a little faster.

But that is a personal guess :woman_shrugging:


I wouldn’t be surprised if we get something on the blog tomorrow.


I’d also like to know what sorta features they are able to/want to eventually/possibly implement now that Monzo Chat is in-house. But all in good time :grin:

(Michael) #29

Would be interesting to know, aside from the other new tools introduced, whether the move to Monzo Chat, which took place at a very delicate moment, ended up helping clear down the backlog

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #30

In the words of young Mr Grace; “You’ve all done very well.”


(Luke Browne) #32

This is awesome, personally I’d love to see more of this kind of thing, to see how you folks do your job day to day!

(Alex Mayo) #33

:mondo: COps…