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Yeah… don’t we just use ‘unbelievable’ for incredible now? (Although we’re also using unbelievable to mean amazing :roll_eyes:)

Great chat, thanks! :+1:


Nah these days evryfink is awesome innit?

Yep indeed! :+1:

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I’d say that Humphries is setting up a straw man. No-one’s saying anything goes, just that arbitrary rules in a few old books is a particularly silly way to manage what’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in an ever-changing living language. Not to say that you shouldn’t be precise, but that how we judge precision shouldn’t be treated as some fixed thing, because it just objectively isn’t.

He’s also making an argument that people have been making for literally thousands of years – that language is in decline, and everything’s going to pot. Whereas the evidence says that our collective dexterity with language increases every generation.

The history of humanity has seen the homogenisation of language. Over time there are fewer and fewer languages as we get closer together as a species. To be honest, that’s sad but overall probably a good thing. The more we understand each other, the less we have to fight over (in theory at least… there might be a few exceptions to that idea at the moment).

Here’s a lovely example of someone with a not dissimilar point to Mr Humphries from 63 AD.

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