Family accounts / Accounts for children / under-16s

Given that many millennials now have kids this idea seems sensible. Lock in loyalty from birth lol


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It would be great to have more family features to allow one person to pay for and share services. I’d like Monzo plus family like I have Spotify family. I need things like family travel insurance, mobile device coverage,” please can have some money urgently dad (at 2am)” features, a family group, accounts for all ages, Eventually I presume they’ll get Independant but there is much that we do financially as a family unit. Not to forget Grandparent features …


I like the idea of a family plus account with coverage for all the family. I’ve seen adverts on tv for prepaid bank cards for children, I think it’s gohenry, so to have one from Monzo that could link in with my account would be fantastic.


Me too. I have a gohenry set-up for the kids. Having a couple of Monzo kid accounts controlled from our Joint Account would be super. Even if the cards are pre-paid that would work. That can’t be too hard as Monzo started out with pre-paid only…


Totally agree, not least for the network effect:

Pocket money features
Pay student rent features
Send student child a treat
Shared pots for family goals
Student loan pot that gran and granddad can add to
Sponsor me pots

Lots of things possible here.


I still think this is a natural route for Monzo to go down. Dare I say it…a good revenue stream too.


Absolutely - I am constantly doing all of these things!

These features would be great in a kids account/card.
For younger kids a card reader would be good so they can put the card in to see what funds are on the card too.

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Really interested in under 16 accounts for my kids.
Things I’d be looking for:

  • no monthly fee
  • bank that takes money management seriously and is not looking to rinse my kids
  • an app/web view for my kids to check their balance/spend
  • debit card for them that can be used with Apple/Google pay
  • ability to step up to a full account at a certain age
  • don’t mind the account being registered to me, so long as they have a view without needing my phone

Things I’m less bothered about:

  • a view of my kids spending… it’s their money so they should spend as they want. This is why a bank that takes money management seriously is imperative as I’d be trusting them to help educate
  • ability to set chores for pocket money… I’ll do that outside the app
  • overdrafts or anything that could get them/me into debt

A shared child pot they can have basic read only access to in their own app would be ideal. Then I can schedule/add money into it as and when I want.

Do it Monzo. You’ll be taking a big step to securing your own future.


I would also like to see this :point_up:

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Same, I’ve got a Nimbl card that I pay for but I really don’t need most of the kiddy features. I’m just after a Monzo like experience for them and that’s as close as I can get :neutral_face:

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The pots bit for Children :raised_hands:t3: - maybe it could work like the new Bills Pot DD feature but with a debit card: Children’s card connected to a ‘Pocket Money Pot’ for example, in our joint account which we can then top up easily and a read only view in their own app and yes absolutely for ability to then upgrade their account to a full account at a certain age. :+1:t3:

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Monzo have always discussed family package type accounts (in theory) as a future possible paid-for option so I think they’ll trip over your first requirement with that one.


I’d love to see kids accounts, i think pots would work well, and perhaps integration with rooster or similar built in tool for assigning chores against a financial reward. The ability for kids to have a certain level of autonomy (set by parents) on their own devices would be great.


Would be a fantastic idea to have accounts for children over 13 years old that are linked to Monzo main account so you can give pocket money and they can choose if they spend of save

Great idea. Halifax has always done basic current acc from 11years with visa debit card, also has contactless & online/mobile App. Most 11yr olds are catching a bus by themselves to school, it’s good to encourage independence & peace of mind for parents.

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This would be cool for my boy, the only place offering accounts for under 11’s is Santander and it is with a cash book so you need to go in branch to take money out. The only day off I get at my work place is a Sunday and guess what day they are closed.

Have you seen prepaid options for 6-10 yrs where you load money onto it? GoHenry probably the most known