Facebook marketplace and long distance selling regulations

If I buy a sofa in facebook marketplace and pay for delivery, do long distance selling regulations still apply?

I found a sofa advertised on facebook marketplace by a local independent furniture retailer. Once I contacted them, they sent me the link to their website, where the sofa was listed, but for £21 more. I was told I could buy it for the “special facebook price”. The company looks fairly legit (registered with companies house, shops on amazon and eBay with good reviews from a variety of dates and different writing tones/styles/accuracies). The website looks dated but ok, with clearly marked T&Cs and returns policies.

Some red flags are the discount for fb and the fact that delivery is £20 extra (no problem) but the delivery is paid cash on the day and not at checkout on the website (bit weird?) and the fb communication suggests a limited literacy in English, e.g. “yes I delivery”.

I haven’t got as far as asking how to get the “special facebook price” this way, but I’ve been told to order through the website which my browser has no issue with.

Would you order it in this situation? The sofa looks very similar to one sold by Ikea but is marginally cheaper, but crucially cheaper delivery and delivery includes assembly.

This would be a concern for me. Assuming that this sofa is hundreds of pounds, I’d only be willing to pay by credit card. If they refused, then I’d not proceed with the purchase.

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Sorry, I should clarify. Only the delivery is cash. So pay for sofa the normal way, then pay £20 cash to delivery people. I’ve edited my post to try and make it clearer.

Ah right. In which case, as long as you are happy with the quality of the sofa, I’d be happy to pay by credit card.

Yeah, I’m feeling much more comfortable now as well since it has been clarified that I order through the website with a discount code.

The laws are now called the consumer rights act 2015. (Section 75 also applies if it’s a credit card)

They very likely just call a ‘man with a van’ to pick it up and deliver and that’s why you pay separately at the door and that company only takes cash.

I wouldn’t be too worried especially as you’ve done research into the company.

But the final point to consider can you wait the 3 months for that money to come back in case of a chargeback being needed.

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