Facebook is down, discuss!

Pffft, they go for Wix if they can’t afford SquareSpace

I did have a random notification show from a like 6 hours ago so they must be somewhere close.

Yup looks like we’re back! We use Workplace and it felt incredibly retro using email :laughing: Excited to unpack all of the issues folks are going to have tomorrow :upside_down_face:


Cool bragging fact: I am one of Squarespace’s first ten public customers. I have support tickets from 2004 which are essentially back-and-forths with Anthony Casalena.


Couldn’t see anywhere quite right to stick this.

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Least it won’t be Facebook complaining about Apples privacy on iPhone, it’ll be Meta complaining now…

Here :wink:

Not keen on the name though. Thought it would be something more creative

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