Facebook is down, discuss!

Apologies to those who don’t work in IT, but this made me giggle:


Looks like bad practice from the looks of things…

So it’s like someone suddenly deciding to take up all the roads, with no roads you can’t get to where you’re tryna go?

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Would be so nice if they couldn’t recover and it stayed down forever, yes I know it’s not going to happen. But I’ll just enjoy that thought for now.


And you’re not exactly sure where you should be going anyway

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Not really fair on those who rely on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for commercial reasons.

But also a reminder that Facebook is not infallible, and tech breaks…

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Businesses adapt

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Looks like the routes are being restored. Guess it will still be a little while until everything is up again though.


They do but not overnight… And for those like Spotify that use it for an IDP they can’t just throw in a new solution overnight

I mean, this whole thing probably cost Facebook some pocket change. maybe a couple hundred million, to quote the Simpsons “I sure hope someone was fired for that blunder”

Kind of. BGP is the protocol that internet routers use to find each other, sort of like a GPS for network traffic. FaceBook have “lost their GPS” effectively.

(It’s obviously more complicated than that, but I don’t think that’s too far off in layman’s terms.)

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Won’t somebody think of the influencers??!


Oh, Helen Lovejoy

DNS is resolving for me too, but it’s anyone’s guess if bringing everything back up will take 5 mins or 5 hours.

Looks like DNS is back online

DNS records for facebook.com — NsLookup.io

I hope their servers are ready for everyone at the same time to see if it’s working

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I hope they bring up DNS, then Enterprise tools and IDP Services, before Public Facing high load services, and some of the services will need a reboot, as they will have stale external records…

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Facebook for me is now resolving, but having load issues


They also need to update their copyright

Shame, pity it can’t get shut down for good.

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Influencers then and people that can’t afford Squarespace.

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