Face coverings in shops 24/7/20

So I need to wear a mask if I’m going to Pret for a coffee but if I sit down and drink it I don’t have to. Be interesting to see how people think the rules apply next week and if we’ll see the sort of videos of Americans shouting at others to wear masks whilst making sure they film it, as seem to pop up all the time on social media now.


It’ll be like when we started charging for bags. Most people will be fine, some will grudgingly accept it while moaning, a few will be arses. It’s a small inconvenience that can help reduce the spread of a disease. :man_shrugging:


The circumstances were quite obviously different then. It is a clear security issue. If someone wearing a black cloth with no identifying features goes and does something terrible - regardless of religion - it’s going to be impossible to identify who that was and ensure they’re dealt with appropriately.

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It was really a tongue in cheek comment. Sometime ago people wanted these face coverings banned, now you’re legally required to do so… you could achieve the same anonymity with a hoodie and face mask as you could with a burka

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So now you don’t have to wear a face covering if popping into Pret. Clear guidance as ever from the Government.

Have I missed something? What are they telling people now, popping in doesn’t count as going in?

So Matt Hancock said popping in does mean wearing a face covering, but Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said food shops are excluded, apparently.


Making it up as they go along. How out of character for this Government… :roll_eyes:

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How does that make any sense at all?

Now everyones mixing again and rules aren’t as strong as they ought to be I really do worry it’s going surge up again. The numbers aren’t exactly dropping.

And apparently there is an extra box of officers to police this, whatever it is :man_shrugging:

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I really don’t see the issue with wearing masks. I’ve just come back from Italy where it has been compulsory to wear masks on public transport, in shops and other enclosed public spaces for months. Everyone is adhering to it and I found it very easy to get used to in the few days I was there. It becomes second nature pretty quickly to pop your mask on before you walk inside somewhere. I think the UK government are just being too slow (as always) at making a decision. If they are going to be mandatory from 24th July then they should be mandatory now. Keep it simple.


We’re still waiting to find out from the government if we (supermarket workers) have to wear them as its not clear. For example, do face visors suffice? Obviously most of us already do wear masks, but its nice to have everything clear heh.

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Face visors should be worn with masks, not instead of. They provide eye protection


good point!

Found these if anyones interested?

Mens mental health related charity


I bought a poundland mask to buy greggs after the 24th

was a good investment idea and 100% sausage roll returns


Those are the sort of returns I am looking for


So… the SI was published…


Essentially the same as we were expecting. Probably not enforceable though esp with an exception for ‘distress’. They mean for people who have panic attacks etc. but it’ll be used by anyone who’s seen too many conspiracy videos.

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And for some reason health and safety don’t need to wear either.