Express Card Replacement Service

(Solomon Wilkinson) #1

Being the sort of person who always loses their card at the time when they need it the most, I’d love to see the option to replace the card with same day or next day delivery. Personally I’d happily pay £10-£20 for the service.

Would anyone else be happy to pay a fee for something like this?

I know with Metrobank you can go in to branch and have one printed on the spot but don’t know if they charge for this.

(Benjamin Doherty) #2

For the record metro don’t charge for that service

(Allie) #3

Metro Bank doesn’t charge for that. American Express in the US will overnight you a new card with no charge - I haven’t asked here (it’s been proactively offered to me in the US which hasn’t happened here). But Amex US (heck, even Amex UK) makes far more off card transactions Monzo does!

Anyway, I think £10-15 overnight would be a good option, as long as standard replacement remains free.

I think a better option, however, would be to instantly re-issue Android Pay (and in the future, Apple Pay), like most banks do, so that you never lose use of your card.

(Hugh Wells) #4

I traveled to New Cross to deliver a card to a long-standing customer who was leaving the country in a couple of hours and whose card had inexplicably broken. I don’t want to set precedents but we’ll do our best to accommodate our customers needs, balancing those with security and logistical considerations, and especially when they are in a tricky spot and/or under time pressure.

(Allie) #5

Wow. Hand delivery in zones 1-2 for £50 would be an interesting option!

That said, why not just do like most issuers and instantly re-issue in Android Pay so the time for the physical card to arrive becomes almost irrelevant :slight_smile:

(Solomon Wilkinson) #6

Incredible - If only that was a standard service! I’m flying out on Thursday morning… think you might be able to get one to me before then? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Solomon Wilkinson) #7

@hughwells … my card miraculously arrived this morning after ordering on Monday night! Did you have anything to do with that? If so, thank you very much - you’ve saved my holiday!

(Adam) #8

A card I ordered yesterday arrived today… It didn’t cost me a penny! :wink: