Exporting expenses *only* data with images

(Katie McFarlane) #1

I am self-employed and find the “expenses” category for spending and ability to upload a picture of your receipt really useful as I can see my work-related expenditure each month.

I am not however aware of a way to export this data only (i.e. not the rest of my spending as well) and any attached images into a report or single spreadsheet. My suggestion is that monzo should add a feature which allows you to download a spending report for a particular category (or categories) within a designated timeframe.

With the advent of e-filing of tax returns the ability to download expenses spending data and receipt images would make self-assessment a doddle for those who are self-employed and would be a pretty revolutionary step in banking for the self-employed.

If there is a way to do this already that I have not found I would appreciate any guidance on how to do so.

(Simon B) #2

Fantastic idea, Katie, and one we definitely hope to implement in the future :grinning:


I know it’s not Monzo, but we use Pleo at work, which is a prepaid card.
It integrates directly with Xero and exports categorised transactions with receipt images attached.

It’s brilliant for our small company as it makes life for our bookkeeper much easier