Experian Boost not working with Monzo

Experian Boost isn’t available to Monzo customers, I presume the API is yet to be built? I’m also renting a property which doesn’t factor in to my credit score. Big fan of Monzo but using as my primary and only account is proving problematic. Does Monzo have plans in this area?


It’s not for Monzo to do, the API is already there.

The “boost” is just a scam anyway. I wouldn’t worry about it.

This is a very good post about it…


You don’t need to ‘boost’ your credit score. It won’t make one material bit of difference to your life.


It’s here if you want to ask Experian why they don’t support Monzo: https://docs.monzo.com/#account-information-services-api

“Penalised” :eyes:

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