Expenses: Track both Expenditure and Reimbursement

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #1

The expenses category is really helpful, however, it would be even more helpful if it could also track reimbursements from employers. This is probably something of greater importance when Monzo becomes a bank, but it would be great to be able to tag a top-up or income as being ‘Expenses’ in order to offset the existing balance and thus show that the expenses have been paid back.


Yeah I’d find it useful once it becomes a bank as my expenses are paid separately so I could tag a payment as expenses and then I could see what is still owing to me.

(Ben Green) #3

Exactly the type of improvement that would be beneficial once it becomes a full bank and able to pay our salaries in directly.

I can expect that from there we’ll be able to upload our payslips and invoices for income as attachments the same way we do receipts for expenses.

It has already been suggested that text in attachments can be recognised via OCR technology. Thereby allowing expenses to be tracked from the payslip.

(Michael) #4

I love the fact that I can tag a transaction as ‘Expenses’. Now I’d like to be able to mark the Expense as ‘Claimed’ and then as ‘Reimbursed’.

If I could link my Monzo account to my Xero.com accounting service to add the transaction to my expense claim then that’d be the icing on the cake!


Hi Michael
Here some discussion on this already in the community

(Michael) #6

Thanks for pointing that out! My Xero comment was a bit of an afterthought. My first thought was that of wanting to record in Monzo whether I’ve claimed for an expense item or not, so that I don’t accidentally claim twice for he same thing.

Then I thought I’d like to mark an item off as reimbursed, not just claimed.

Only then did I make the leap to thinking that Monzo could also write the item into Xero as an expense claim item for me as well.

(Jolin) #7

This would definitely be useful, especially if it was tied into the search so that I could search for “expenses NOT claimed” or “(expenses AND claimed) NOT reimbursed”. At the moment, I have a clipping keyboard where I’ve stored some standard text, one of which is “:white_check_mark:repaid”, and I paste that into the transaction notes for each expense I’ve been reimbursed. Not perfect, but it works.

(Michael) #8

Gosh, allowing Search in the way you describe is a brilliant idea that would make this even more useful.

I do hope someone from Monzo picks up this thread and adds it to their development backlog!