Expected Payments In / Edit Committed Spending

I am the lead tenant in my house, so every month I have a scheduled payment of the total rent to come out of my account to pay the letting agency.

I get paid in the middle of the month and the payment goes out at the end. My housemates (non-Monzo) have set up standing orders to pay their share before rent goes out, so I’ll always have the money in my account. Unfortunately, because of the way committed spending works, it won’t take those expected payments into account and my summary is rendered meaningless as I’ll always have <£0 left to spend due to the full rent.

There should be a way to expect payments in, or at least a way to edit the committed spending so that only my share of the rent is accounted for in the summary.


summary is still not perfect, I get paid weekly and standing orders weekly, so my summary doesn’t go good with this setup as it’s always say I will have no money left over which I always do, right now I don’t really worry about the summary until they get it sorted out properly, you can try the custom dates to get an accurate summary of your pay since you get paid monthly