Exclude transactions from Pulse graph

(Nicholas Carter) #1

So, Christmas is here and end of November after I did a tonne of shopping :gift: for christmas presents, my pulse graph for this month seems to have gone a little haywire and thinks I’m going to land around 1/5 into the month! :scream:

I certainly hope this isn’t the case! This wild prediction could be avoided by choosing transactions as a “one off” gift, or even a gifts category to stop it calculating it in the pulse graph :slight_smile:

Food for though :thinking:


Edit: Mentioned this to a colleague in the office and he highlighted once it’s a full bank with current accounts, months where you have an MOT and car Tax due could really mess up the predictions too!

(Sacha) #2

I was also thinking about this the other day. Perhaps if in addition to the categories you could flag something as an exceptional expense. Then, within the targets you could see your spend both with and without these items.

For instance, I know this month that I’m paying annual fees to my accountancy body and ordering new glasses/sunglasses. All in, I expect these to cost me around £600 which will instantly cause me to shoot past my normal expected spend for the month :frowning:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I just adjust my Targets to take into account exceptional costs (not Christmas presents obviously, things like accountancy fees) so that I have the same amount left in my Targets for ‘normal’ transactions, would that work for you, in this instance?

(Sacha) #4

I’ve adjusted my targets for the month, I think the wider issue is that it will raise my average spend over time so in a “normal” month I might think I can spend more than I otherwise would if I’m focusing on the overall monthly spend.


Is it possible to exclude expenses from spending summaries, as obviously this doesn’t represent what I’m actually spending in a month, just money passing through.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Hugo’s said this will happen :thumbsup:

(Naji Esiri) #7

So this won’t affect your pulse graph, but you can tag transactions as Christmas presents in the notes, which you can then search for reference.