Exclude certain income from summary

The transaction summary page for expenditure has a switch on it that allows you to exclude certain items from the monthly summary. I use this to tag expenses that I know I will be reimbursed for.
BUT - I need an equivalent switch on income, so that I can make my books balance. Otherwise, my expenses reimbursement looks like income and not payback.


I would like to see this particularly for delayed transactions, where they end up being taken twice and refunded once.

This happened to me over separate summary periods, so not being able to exclude both the income and expense skewed my summary.

However, if they fall in the same summary period, you could go back to the original transaction and re-include it.

As long as both payments are in the same category they should net out and balance.

Not a solution, and limited as above, but may be a workaround for your example in the meantime?