Exclude certain charges from rounding

So I have just got Monzo and loving the rounding feature, but unless I am wrong there doesn’t seem to be an option to control rounding on certain charges, which is why I’m not using it for certain costs.

For example, I ideally want to use the rounding feature on eating out, shopping, etc. but wouldn’t want the rounding feature applied to my daily travel costs (e.g. costs from TFL). My travel charges for the month fluctuate because of my job which is why I don’t use a monthly travelcard, but I don’t want rounding done on what I consider to be essential costs.

Aware that I could transfer back out of savings pots but would have to wait to the next working day or be spending time adding up what was unexpectedly rounded, which is not ideal. My idea on this is that you would presumably be able to set so that certain retailers are not included in rounding after you’ve had at least one payment with them.

If this is already a feature or suggested and am I being an idiot then apologies :slight_smile: