Everything - The card inspired by premium bonds

Just come across this:

Looooks dodgy as hell!

What a terrible website, looks like a scammer tried to recreate an actual site.


It does until you go to see who the CFFO is and the founder and it’s actually legit. It does look dodgy as hell


“EVERYTHING was founded in 2021 by Adam, Michael and Thorir who believed that money should be rewarding, exciting and social. Working remotely from three different countries (UK, Sweden and Iceland) with backgrounds across fintech, technology and lifestyle brands they set about creating the financial experience that younger generations actually wanted. EVERYTHING is a remote-first, inclusive and diverse team with hubs in London, Stockholm and Reykjavík. We’re always looking for people that want to join us on our exciting journey”

Are those people supposed to be big names? I have no clue who they are, looks like a total scam to me


Scam Alert :rotating_light:

Twitter account created March 2021, yet no tweets until a week or so ago, and then mainly Retweets :man_shrugging:

Website assures you that your money is safeguarded in the Bank of England apparently :thinking::joy:

I won’t be touching it.


I like they’re trying to spin not being a bank as a positive!


If I look beyond the initial doubt of how will they run a profitable business by giving away up to £1mil to people for just spending their money, my second thought was that seems awfully like a pyramid scheme. “Invite friends to improve your chances to win”? Doesn’t sound dodgy at all.

And why are the photos so crap? Surely if I won a mil, I’d be able to afford more than a cracked screen iPhone 6/7/8 Plus?


This is typical. Startups tend to secure their socials and domains whilst still in stealth. Knowing this is how I knew to go looking for, and indeed find, Chase’s soon to be Twitter accounts.




Think this is the kind of thing their after

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I came across this Sifted article on LinkedIn recently, don’t think it’s a scam but my initial thoughts were the link to premium bonds is rather tenuous and a bit of a non-USP marketing ploy.

It’s a crowded space so I don’t think they’ll gain the critical mass of GenZ to be a sustainable business.