Evernote in a death spiral?


Honestly I’m not too worried. If it goes down, I’m sure many alternatives will offer import tools for all my notes. I think many of these articles are making it seem a lot worse than it is.

Plus, they just got a new CEO. It is odd to see CEO’s coming and going though.

(Phil) #23

I used Evernote quite a bit in the past — but that was back around 2010-ish.
Currently I use Google Keep and Google Docs for notes and storing info/images/scans etc.


I’ve not found anything as good as the Evernote web clipper though

(Caspar Aremi) #25

I’m still on board with Evernote. I use one note a bit at work now, but for general notes I go straight to Evernote.

(Tom) #26

I used Evernote years ago, but they just started going overboard adding feature bloat. Then the reduction to free features/excessive premium cost was the last straw, and jumped over to Apple Notes!

I’ve also played around with Agenda a little, which is pretty nice. Very handy for meetings, as you can link notes to calendar events.