Euro 2024


Ref’s been done for match fixing… maybe he is doing it FOR England….

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I don’t usually follow it, however did tonight, simply because I put a £10 bet on England, I won £25. So that’s cool

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Thoughts on the final?

  • England win
  • Spain win
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It’s coming home :england: :soccer::trophy:

Coz I have 'em in the works sweepstakes, so it has to :pound: :pound: :pound:

Bastard thing is - We’re in the air without Starlink/WiFi for the whole final and won’t know the result until we land unless the aircrew announce it (not unknown) mid-flight…

Then again, 2 weeks all-inclusive in the sun, so every ‘cloud’…

PS> Southgate is still wearing the same light cream zip-neck polo top.

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I agree.


I am satisfied that it wasn’t a flippant decision made. The incident happened, and the referee watched in on VAR, awarded a penalty and also a yellow card, so while I did say “not a penalty” it also wasn’t a situation where an obvious thing was just flippantly missed by the referee. There was time for them to consider and in their professional opinion it was a penalty. I’m in no way in a position to argue with their experience, unless some of us here are professional international referees.

I haven’t followed football since around 2004 but I’m going to say Spain. :joy:

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I honestly thought Netherlands would win last night but…

So my money’s on England for Sunday.