Estimated Balance - Why not let it be clever?

I feel like the estimated balance in trends is completely useless? Could it not be developed to average out your spending at merchants from the last 6-12 months to guesstimate your spending for the coming month? Maybe weight it more towards the average spending of the last 3 months, ignore vendors that you’ve only shopped at once or twice in the last year so aren’t likely to be recuring?

I get a train once a week almost religiously and it’s always the same price, how is there not an algorithm factoring that into my estimated balance? My estimated balance in trends think’s I’m only going to spent £126 this month, which obviously is not true.

There’d obviously need to be a disclaimer that it’s an estimate, but it’d be an amazing tool to have to almost see ALL recurring costs in my life and I feel like the tech is out there to do it. I would also love to be told I’m just using this feature wrong?

I’ve often wished for something like that but it’d be incredibly hard to get it anywhere near close a for lot of people… and a feature that only worked for, say, 10% of users wouldn’t be very good. The best we have is left to spend which is your balance minus upcoming bills. The rest you have to do in your head, presently.

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