ESA Question

My advocate came round today to fill out the " ESA Assessment "

I don’t have any physical disabilities just schizophrenia and anxiety which I have to take meds for.
My mental health is slightly better since my last check two years ago.

Will my credit change at all, or would I have to wait to hear back from DWP ?
He mentioned I might have to go to an " assessment centre "

Was detained in hospital for 4 years due to mental health, and was discharged in 2017

Worryingly there was hardly any questions about mental health and more about physical


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Hey @Venomx

Thanks for being so open about your mental health :hugs:

| don’t think this is a question anyone can answer definitively for you here, all we can do is speculate so it’s best to ask someone who knows your personal circumstances :ok_hand:

All I know is that it keeps changing to qualify :sweat_smile:


May i help i with this as im the same