Errors on welcome to country screens


Hi there,

I’ve just landed in Iceland, and Monzo has come up with a helpful info card. Trouble is the exchange rate is confusing and wrong. Also there’s an extra percentage sign on the 3% at ATMs…

See attached.

Tiny spending abroad bug
Double percent sign on exchange rate page
Typo on the Welcome to a new country screen
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Hi @tlloyd87 I’ve moved this over to the bug forum to make sure it gets to the right people in Monzo!


Huh, it looks like it’s giving you the rate for £100.

(Dylan Jones) #4

Same for me now in Japan. Too many %s and the exchange rate is for £1000 not £10.
Although I would rather this exchange rate

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Hello, just noticed there is a typo on the welcome to a new country screen. There are two % symbols in the overseas ATM message.


(Andy) #7

Hi @Mortalife I’ve moved your post to this thread as there’s others reporting the same issue so helps Monzo narrow it down.

(Hugh Wells) #8

Cheers! We are aware and it is ticketed and in the backlog to be looked at :+1:

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Double percentage sign appears when viewing exchange rate.

Details to reproduce: Visit country exchange rate page from transactions page
OS: Android 8.1.0 API 27
Device: Pixel 2 (walleye)
App Version: 2.8.0


(Andy) #10

Hi @kittsville thanks for reporting this, it’s been flagged up and Mozno are working on a fix:

(Sam Weston) #11

Issue: Extra percent sign

Details to reproduce: Visit Slovenia
OS: Android 8
Device: Nokia 8
App Version: 2.9.0

Screenshots: Screenshot_20180813-082123

(Andy) #12

Hi @cablespaghetti moved your post over to here as the issue is already in the fix list . I believe the fix is being deployed in this weeks app update :raised_hands:t2: