Error when trying to create a new account

I am having an issue with signing up on the app.

The verification section isn’t allowing me to move to the next step, nor is it allowing me to move back a step. I noticed my company name isn’t correct on the ‘verification’ section and think this could be the issue.

I have deleted the app and re-installed to try start the application again, however it is taking me right back to the same ‘verficiation’ section.

Please let me know what I can do to resolve asap?

Do you already have a personal account?

No, I don’t have a personal account.

I am trying to set up a business account, however there is an error on my business name which is stopping me getting to the next step on the verification section.

Nobody on here will be able to help you with this unfortunately. You’ll need to message Monzo using the in app chat system.

Edit. I didn’t notice that you haven’t got a personal account. The below comment is correct.

You’ll likely still have to contact Monzo as I mentioned to clear your partial application so that you can apply properly.

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You have to have a personal account before you can have a business account

They verify you when opening the personal account

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