Error on finding how many friends on Monzo

(Tuan Nguyen) #1

Issue: Software bug
Details to reproduce: I have already filled my card number. Then it took 1 hour and more to find how many friends on Monzo
OS: Android
Device: Samsung S8 Plus
App Version: 2.14.0


(Jack) #2

Do you have payments with friends enabled in the settings? Have you also tried tried reinstalling the app?

(Tuan Nguyen) #3

How do you know that? I have already tried reinstalling once but the bug still remained. “payments with friends enabled in the settings” what is it?


(Tuan Nguyen) #5

I use Android, I dont think it has Payments with friends


It’s on both apps, in the settings section somewhere.

(Tuan Nguyen) #7

Ah you mean in the setting of the app, but unfortunately I cannot do anything with the app. Whenever i open the app, it always show the the picture above.


Have you tried deleting the app, restarting your handset, and re-installing the app? Other than that I’m out of ideas, sorry.

(Tuan Nguyen) #9

I have just tried it but it didn’t work :frowning:. Hope that others have better ideas


Email as something’s gone badly wrong if a reinstall hasn’t fixed it

(Hugh Wells) #11

Hey :wave:

I’m afraid this is a known bug during sign up :disappointed:

The workaround is the to click the skip button in the top right hand corner, despite it being overlaid