Error message keeps showing when trying to create pots

I’m attempting to setup different saving pots with interests but everytime I try to confirm the pots, I get an error message saying something along the lines of “cannot complete this action, please click try again or contact us”. There’s no error code displayed or a number to call. But when I went back to my home page, the account was already created with the money deposited.

Details to reproduce:
Click “earn interest on your money,”, go through setup process all the way to the end. I had trouble on the last confirmation page as it wouldn’t show acknowledgement of the account created. Now go back to the home page and you’ll see the account is in fact created with the amount of money deposited as specified.
Android 10
Sony Xperia XZ3
App Version:
No Screenshots taken

Have you tried removing and reinstalling the app? This usually fixes weird issues like this.

How many pots do you currently hold?

You cannot have more than 20 pots in total, interest and non-interest combined.

Thx for responding, this issue was observed when I created my first and second pot.

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