Error message & data error when opening the app from a notification


When I try to open the app from a notification I get an error message and the data only loads for November 2017. I’ll screenshot the next time it happens.

If I force the app to quit and reopen it from the app icon functions normally.

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Hi @maxdoray :wave:, Seems like a frustrating issue! I’m sure we can get it resolved though!
Have you attempted to delete and reinstall the app at all?

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Hey @maxdoray :wave:

That does sound annoying! I’d go with what @Jackcrwhitney has said here and try a delete and reinstall.

If that doesn’t work then you can always get in touch with us through the app or at and we’ll work out a fix for you :+1:


Reinstalled, now I just need to wait until I get a notification and see what happens. I’ll have one from tfl tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

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