Hi Team ,
Am very early adopter of MONZO
Doing my MS In tech Entrepreneurship from UCL.
I got am assignment on MONZO business study. As one of the top tech startups in London . For that I need to prepare business model canvas , SWOT analysis ,
And macro level impact.
I would highly appreciate if Team can help me on it .
Or direct me to someone appropriate for Q@A regarding business study .thanks

@Zunaira This might help you

You would be able to attend this event for free and talk to people at Monzo.


Thank you @alisufyan
I will try to come . But am asking help for my MONZO project .
Can you be any help or anyone in MONZO .
It’s just few
Question for my assignment…
That being a MONZO user and invested I can ask .

I can’t answer for Monzo because I am just a customer like you. Send them an email help@monzo.com

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