Energy Supplier Discussion

Just got our smart meter installed from octopus last week (2nd gen). Prob took a few months from requesting to being contacted to arrange a time.

The team they sent to install were amazing. Fixed a few issues as well as installing the smart meters. No charge for any of this! (I think it is funded via government so maybe not entirely free…)

Fascinating having a real time meter. We have tested most appliances to see how much electricity they use. Geeky but awesome. :clap:

It’s funded through our energy bills I believe, so we all pay.

Did you see they’ve pushed the deadline for the finishing the smart meter roll out back by 4 years! Obviously been some big problems.

Just completed my switch to Green. Fairly painless process so far and the app seems pretty decent, although some parts won’t work until they have more than my opening meter reading.

Green what?

I’m currently with Green on their variable Oak tarrif. Customer Service is really good. Although I might be switching to Eon as their latest fixed tariff is only a few quid more expensive per year and I can get some cashback.

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I moved away from eon as the ease of use and customer service elsewhere were worth the extra few pounds.

Please god, don’t! You may be lucky and everything go to plan, or injure your head against a wall… :slight_smile:

Are you against Octopus or Bulb?

Bad experience then? Im not really against any company. I usually tend to go on what is cheaper. I’ve only ever had 1 problem with a company and that was First Utility when it took them about 9 months to issue my first bill!

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Eon, EDF and Scottish Power - never again for me.

Another EON hater here :wave: now I’m with Octopus.

Speaking of which, the last time I checked their smart meters were on hold and I registered interest to be informed when they were available again. Never got that email :cry: Just checked now and I can start the process, so fingers crossed I’ll have one soon too :crossed_fingers:

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I’d say bulb, because they cover exit fees up to 40£ for both electricity and gaz(80 in total). Electricity is cheaper. Gaz is cheaper with Octopus but the difference is very small.

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For anyone interested bulbs customer service is currently horrendous. I have an issue where my day and night readings are the wrong way round but emails haven’t been answered for six weeks. Online chat never works either. Tried calling a couple of times but the wait was too long.

The error means I owe more than I’ve been paying g and never found it so difficult to get a company to let me give them more money!

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Sadly I have to agree with @sticklebricks here. I was with Bulb for a very long time, was active on their forums from the beginning, and have physically met a lot of the original team in their (old) offices.

Comparing them against other energy companies now, the best I could say is that they’re fine.
Only a small proportion of their energy is actually purchased as direct purchase agreements, with around 85% being purchased simple as REGOs.
Their prices are fine but despite significant decreases in wholesale costs, greater operating costs are being used as the excuse to not drop prices (tracking wholesale costs was one of their big points originally).
Their support is very slow almost all of the time. This is primarily (IMO) down to a variety of other issues within the company, primarily technical/procress related, meaning that far more people are needing (or deciding) to contact support than should be. Yes their customer base has grown significantly, but most of the issues posted on the forums are simple and should either never occur, or be resolved without a direct support query.
They promised all sorts and never delivered. They created a Trello, announced and promised things on the forum, discussed things with members, and then most of it never happened, or at least never happened within the timescales suggested. A variety of things also just disappeared from the Trello with no explanation, presumably hoping nobody would notice.
Serious known bugs affecting significant numbers of customers have previously taken over 6 months to resolve (smart meter data can’t be processed/received, manual entry on website is disabled due to smart meters, system still sends customers emails requesting manual entry…)

There’s more, but long story short, I’m with Octopus now.

We have got any Green customers here to report anything good/bad about them?

I’m currently got a couple months left on a fixed with Peoples Energy. Trying to work whether or not to switch or stay and get the cashback back when they turn a profit.

I’m with Green but just switching away to a better deal. Customer service is really good. I’ve always been able to get a response within about 5 minutes on line chat. App is simple to use.

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Green is already a pretty good deal, what’s the better deal? :thinking:

It is a fixed deal with Eon. Saved a fair bit a year. Sacraficing customer service but I never need to contact energy suppliers anyway usually.

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Octopus and Bulb say the same pricing for me. I shouldn’t have to ever contact an energy supplier so support should be a non issue