Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)

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It was out on price for me too by about £15. I only switch in late January so I know Bulb was the cheapest.

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I like how Monzo has the same deal as the friend referral that Octopus has does that mean we are all friends of Monzo :joy:

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Just a sneaky way for @tom to get his referral link in. We’re probably paying his energy for the next 300 years.

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Lucky you, they sent me an email letting me know I wouldn’t be affected!

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My email just said that the average home would save £20. Maybe I’ve not been with them long enough.

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Pound shop bunting. And only 1 pack

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Mine said £20 a year too. I think they only reduce prices if the majority will save more than £20. It does depend on the area you live in though


Has anyone got a Bulb smart meter yet? I’m booked for an installation in April, but am interested if anyone can share a photo of the in-home display they’re supplying?

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I’m getting mine this Friday, I’ll post it on here

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@anon84687262 - they couldn’t fit my meter as I share a fuse with another flat in my building so they can’t switch off my electricity without their permission too.

Maybe someone else on the forum has one :blush:

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Is the bulb referral still £50. And how does it work, is it on the account as soon as you open or does it appear in months?

(and who has a link/wants the £50 if i sign up).

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Adam has given you £50 of FREE renewable energy. To claim your free gift, sign up using this link:

There you go!

If you sign up, we both get £50 credited to our accounts shortly after. When I used that link with a friend in the past it was days, not months. They credit your account rather than you getting cash.

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Mine’s and if you’ve got any questions about Bulb, feel free to ask them here or in the Bulb forums where I’m quite active (same user name). I’m not associated with Bulb apart from being a customer, but I just really like their forums and community and hence have got quite knowledgeable :wink:

The £50 referral fee will be paid once your switch is complete - if you pay by Direct Debit, it’ll be credited to your Bulb account to go against future bills (or you can ask for a refund of any credit in your account), if you are on prepayment, then once you’ve topped up for the first time, you’ll get an email from Bulb once they’ve been told (usually 48 hours) and then an email to claim the money via Transferwise.

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If you are not just looking for a bulb referral code, but want to know as much as possible about Bulb to use this page:

There are reviews on bulb and information such as how the referral scheme works and the switch process, of course you can also get the Referral link for £50 credit when you switch to Bulb!

Hope that helps!


I’ve used PurePlanet for a few months now. Cheap, eco friendly ish, seems to work well. But I would like them to fit me a smart meter…


I’m also with a very small energy company on a very cheap tariff compared to many companies out there. I would also like smart meters fitted, but not unless they are definitely SMETS 2. Also, I’m not entirely sure how the very small energy company providers are going to go about getting meters fitted to those customers that want them. As things stand, once the tariff I’m currently on expires in September this year, I’ll probably switch to one of the big six on the most competitive tariff available, and then have meters installed. By that time, only SMETS 2 meters should be getting fitted.


Smart Meters are a waste of money, the Energy Savings Trust I think it was advised that the meters cost around £300 a year, this was advised at least a year ago.

They are also no longer a mandatory requirement.


I believe smart meters never were and never will be mandatory. The impression that they might be mandatory, was a fable sown by the energy industry itself I believe.

Smart meters may well be a complete waste of money, but in my case, my electricity meter is only accessible for readings by a meter reader should they ever need to actually read the meter, via access through my house to the rear of my property, and I’m not keen on allowing some clumsy footed meter reader tramping through my living room, therefore I’d actually like smart meters fitted. Not only that, every single energy customer whether they actually have meters fitted or not, are paying for them in the form of higher energy bills, so I might as well have them fitted seeing as I’m paying for them anyway.

I’ve provided monthly meter readings to my energy providers since I moved into my current property, for years, never had an estimated bill. If a smart meter actually helps me by providing accurate meter readings, I’m all for it. My water meter is a smart meter and that works absolutely fine.