Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)

(Shreyas Zanpure) #103

Same here. I also use Quidco Compare for Car, Home and Travel insurance. I have usually found them cheaper than other comparison websites, because they include cashback. Saves me the hassle.

(Peter Shillito) #104

Not tried Quidco Compare before. I usually only look at CtM and GoCo for all three. I’ll try to keep them in mind in November (when all three renew, it’s an expensive month :sob:)

(Shreyas Zanpure) #105

Quidco with TopCashback in general is awesome for free cashbacks when you shop online. Quidco Compare is just another of white labelled products which allows you to compare premiums with cashback built in. If you have not signed up with Quidco, maybe I can PM you a referral link? :slight_smile:

(Peter Shillito) #106

I’ve apparently signed up in one life or another as I received a “We’re changing our privacy policy” email from them last year. Guess I’ll play the “try to remember my login” game…

EDIT: Closed my account as they don’t give me the option to be non-binary. Also requested deletion of my details. Oh well.

(EJ) #107

Im really pleased with Octopus, just switched a couple of months ago. Price differences may be small between your cheapest 2-3 providers, but i have really valued the way Octopus communicate through email and their app -the right info where I need it. Was with Eon before which I found really confusing.

(Tom) #108

Vaguely relevant to this thread - if anyone is looking to sign up to Bulb, I have a £100 referral bonus:

(Dan) #109

Money saving expert recommended Green Network Energy. They’re offering a £30 bonus by using my referral link. Very happy with them!

(Dan Harvey) #110

What better time to switch now with all that snow and cold weather - You get £50 just for joining with this link. They pay your exit fees too! :smiley:

(Jonny) #111

Just a quick note to say thanks to Katie for the Bulb referral! Definitely made the switch even more of a no-brainer…

I’ll pay it forward too if anyone else fancies £50 for helping save the planet :slight_smile:


I used hers as well…wonder how many people did and how much she made lol!

(Rob) #113

Bulb have just starting providing SMETS2 smart meters to their customers too, which is another plus if you don’t already have a smart meter


I just switched from Octopus to Bulb !
Here is my referral code if anyone needs one :wink:


Got a smets1 meter here. Really hoping they push the smets2 update out soon!


Not £100 any more I think, but I’ve used yours!

Here’s my link

(Sam) #117

Having seen the feed item for “Switch your energy supplier” this morning, I thought I’d get a quote from Octopus through Monzo. My quote is £29 a month for a 2 bed flat (electric only), when an identical quote from Bulb is £50. What’s going on here? I was under the impression both suppliers were usually at a similar price point.

(MikeF) #118

How many details did you give for the Octopus quote? It’s only a guess based on information available so if the information is poor then the guess will be too.

(Sam) #119

Just the details above - 2 bed flat, electric only, standard meter.

I only switched to Bulb last month but if I can save such a considerable amount I might switch again.

(MikeF) #120

It’s up to you, of course, but it sounds like neither supplier actually know what you use in real life yet, so you’re balancing two estimates against one another, both of which may be seriously out of whack with reality.

Personally, I look for quotes based on a realistic number of unit of power rather than “we see you have two bedrooms” guesses.

(Sam) #122

To follow up on that, I dug out my bill from Bulb for last month and compared to the Octopus tariff details in the Monzo app:

413kwh over 28 days

413kwh Bulb = £52.82

413kwh Octopus = £61.95

Standing charge Bulb = £5.45

Standing charge Octopus = £5.32

VAT Bulb = £2.91

VAT Octopus = £3.36

Bulb total cost = £61.18

Octopus total cost = £70.63

So Octopus’ quote seems far too low in comparison, and I’m best sticking with Bulb for now.

(MikeF) #123

Looks like it. I’ve been meaning to do the same comparison for my house.