Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)


I really like bulb myself to be honest.
I have a £100 switch code (You get £100 if you switch to bulb) which is only available for today (As it was my bulbversary as they called it)
PM me if you want the code for £100


Hi I’ve recently switched to octopus for my gas and electricity and so far so good. If you switch using a link they give us both £50 credit.
Feel free to click on the link even if Just for a free quote to see how much you can save. Thanks


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(Andrew Jones) #85

I’ve been with bulb for a year now and they have been the best so far. I recently received an email from them saying they have credited £10 to my account because I had waited on the phone for 11 minutes to speak to someone 3 weeks earlier. This is how companies should behave, I thought. They will pay any exit fees when you leave your old supplier. They have consistently been the cheapest for me for the last year. You get monthly email reminders about your direct debit due. If your account is in credit by more than your monthly direct debit you can request a refund. They offer the warm home discount. They also operate a referral system where you and the one refer can get £50 each added to your account when you sign up. Because I’ve been with them a year if you sign up using the following link by 16th Jan 2019 they will credit your account with £100.

(Katie) #86

Just wanted to say thanks for the referral link, Andrew. I’d been meaning to switch to Bulb for a little while so that came in handy!

Thought I’d pay it forward to anyone else who might be thinking about switching to Bulb. (we’d both receive £50 credit).

(Caspar) #87

I’m moving soon to a 1 bed flat and keen to go with a modern, green supplier. USwitch recommended Octopus as their top pick, but the online quotes on each suppliers websites showed Bulb was a bit cheaper. What’s the consensus? It looks like more people have offered Bulb codes, are they better overall?

I’ll come click on the latest referral link when it comes time to sort everything out!


I’ve just signed up with First Utility, which seems cheaper than bulb, and is fixed until March 2020. Dont think they do referrals!

Edit: They do! (£50 each!)

(David watson ) #89

Ive switched from bulb to octopus worked out a little cheaper for me and it’s a fixed term for 12 months, and octopus support smart meters so no having to send manual meter reading each month! £50 referal scheme same a bulb, I’ll post my below.

(Chris) #91

Thanks @Davesanchez for the referral code, I’ve just started my switch over to Octopus.

(Dave) #92

Thanks Andrew! Used your referral link to sign up :slight_smile:


Smart meters are no longer compulsory and energy suppliers can increase cost randomly during peak times and they cost you money :wink:

Bulb are the cheapest as they also now have home warm discount so I could save £50 with a supplier but as they don’t do homewarm I lose £90


First utility £135 a year more for me :joy:


There is a surcharge for Liverpool fans :wink:


Admin charge for the Giro failing all the time :joy:

(Paul) #97

I just signed up with a link from this thread, so here’s my link in case anyone wants to use it! :blush:

£50 each to sign up with Bulb!


Hi I switched to Octopus :octopus: back in November now and still very happy with this energy provider. Anyone looking to switch will get us both £50 by using a link. Feel free even just to click on the link to get a quote from them to see how much you would save .

(Daniel White) #99

Just been looking at Octopus and they have a Agile Tariff which varies during the day depending on your usage which may be handy for some who have Electric Cars and heating. It even integrates with IFTTT so that you can turn devices on and off when it’s at the best rate.

They even mention that you can take advantage of Monzo’s Pots and have some IFTTT Recipes for this. Not sure if it’s been mentioned before. Would love to take advantage of that but my bills come out of my Joint Account…

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(Peter Shillito) #100

I was with Outfox the Market (“100% renewable”), but following their price rises and direct debit shenanigans I switched to whoever was cheapest for me which was Utility Point. It honestly doesn’t really matter who you’re with save for early exit fees. Level of customer support doesn’t matter either except for initial set up and switching away again, and if you have issues with those, just report them to Ofgem and you can get compensation (I did when I was with Iresa before they shut).

Might not be a popular opinion since everyone’s a big fan of Bulb and/or Octopus, but it’s how I do things and my bills are lower because of it.

(Shreyas Zanpure) #101

I am with you 100%. Loyalty is not important to most businesses, new customers is. If that was not the case, they would keep giving you discounts to retain your custom. So I hop. For the last 2 years E.ON has given me the cheapest tariff when compared on uSwitch, so I have stuck with them. Before that I was with OVO. Keep switching!

(Peter Shillito) #102

Yep. I joined the Energy Club on MSE and get emailed when I can save money by switching, and it means I can keep track of when my fixed deal ends, etc.