Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)

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Yeah but I have never needed any “service”. It’s hardly ground breaking. They deliver gas and electricity, and life keeps chugging. In the last 5 years, the only supplier that overcharged me was NPower. In all other cases, I have a monhtly direct debit setup with Ovo or E.ON, I usually end up in credit, and they refund me the difference at the end. I am currently on E.ON Go Online 1 Year v16 plan.

Gas: 3.216p per kWH with standing charge of 16.800p per day
Electricity: 14.133p per kWh with standing charge of 13.650p per day

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I am on Pure Planet, pretty sleek experience, cheaper than any other competitor in the area, 100% renewable electricity and they offset the carbon footprint used for your gas supply. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. When it runs smoothly, it is 100% irrelevant who you are with.

The problem we had was that a meter reader read next door’s meter at some point by accident.
The meters are installed quite close together and the readings are actually also pretty close (probably installed at the same time), so it was only out by £100-200.

The effort involved in sorting that out with E.ON was simply incredible. I shudder to think how much time I spent being shunted between their operators.
They kept correcting the reading then “re-correcting” the reading, because the CS operator hadn’t had the necessary rights to correct it in the first place. Operators also didn’t really understand my pretty simple explanations, so thought for a while this was a third-party dispute, presumably with the neighbour (who had absolutely nothing to do with it).

I got a letter every time the bill was updated too, which ended up quite a pile.

As I recall, it took months to finally get to a manger who could sort it out. Apology there was none…

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I switch every year. Like car and house insurance there is no benefit to being loyal. Just go for the best deal for your circumstance which for me is British Gas at the moment (I know, shocking!!)

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Hmm, sounds like a special case :slight_smile: I am sure you know what you are doing, but it might be worthwhile having a smart meter installed so that they won’t have to use operators. I know that smart meters are not interchangeable between suppliers, but that is all changing next year. They are going to collate all energy information in a central place, and all new smart meters will talk to that central database. So switching suppliers will simply mean remotely switching over the supplier name/data on the smart meter. Failing that, a big sign on your meter box saying “THIS IS FOR MY HOUSE” lol.


ahh perfect, thanks


Smart meters so far have been a bad joke.
Tried to get one installed in our current place a while back and apparently the meters are too far into the ground to get enough signal.
My phone works just fine down there…

I’m waiting for SMETS2, but that could be a while coming. Octopus says:

Despite some delays in the development and trialling process, SMETS2 is currently being live tested and is predicted to be on the market in the next year or so.


Smart meters are a bad joke full stop. :-1:

If you already turn lights/appliances off that aren’t being used it’s not going to help you save anything like the gov is pushing.

It’s costing us a fortune from higher rates from energy suppliers being forced to sell/give them to us.

All it does is save having to read and submit.

If we all start scrimping and using less energy the energy suppliers aren’t going to take making less money, they’ll just raise the prices to make up for it.

The gov will also figure out a way to force reporting electric vehicle charging, as they won’t be able to take losing billions from fuel duty (58p a litre) in the next 5-10 years as EV sales start to shoot up.


If anyone is thinking of joining bulb or switching

PM me for a joining link that gives you £100 off your bill

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You just got yourself an early Xmas present :wink:


i was wondering who secret santa was!

Ta very much :blush:

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So pretty much the definition of bait and switch, then. Ergo, my statement that it always seemed too good to be true.

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See, I love mine. Mostly to track time of day and stuff. Tho honestly it’s actually increased my energy usage. Now that I know what it costs to run my tumble dryer I now dry all my laundry. It’s a lot cheaper than I thought!

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That’s subversion! Love it :two_hearts:

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Is it really? I mean, the goal is to help people make informed decisions. Some things cost a lot more than I expected and others a lot less. It’s been very beneficial in that regard.

I also don’t worry too much about the environmental impact of electric consumption as I’m on a green tariff with a relatively ethical supplier, I worry more about the financial impact.


I’ve never had a smart meter. To get per-appliance costs do you just make sure everything else is switched off and then run that appliance to see how much electricity is being used?

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Nah, I just look at the difference when something is turned on or off. Sometimes, like the dryer example, you need to look at consumption during the cycle. So compare the difference in consumption during that period to the same baseline and do it a few times to account for other background differences.

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According to Ofgemthey are being marketed as a way to help you save money.

“Smart meters will give you near real-time information on your energy use. Through an in-home display, you can easily track your costs usage, and understand where you might be able to make reductions that could save you money.”


The could being the magic word.

That fridge is using too much…

/flips switch

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I have made decisions that have helped me save energy. I found a light that I thought had an LED lamp in it didn’t and swapped it. I realised how darn much a shower costs and try to shower a little quicker. I also realised nice clean dry clothes don’t cost that much. Overall, my energy use is a tiny bit higher but not much, and I’m making better decisions leading to a more comfortable life. That’s a smart meter win :smiley:

I just want an open API to access my data programatically… Yes, I know, some suppliers have this, but I’m not willing to switch to one of those suppliers (Octopus advertises on MumsNet so I will boycott them on moral grounds, Ovo is too damn expensive, etc)