Employee Benefits in USA

As you begin to expand into the US, can you share if all of the employee benefits i.e. paid vacation, medical benefits, 401k, Monzo equity, etc… will be the same as they are for UK employees or if they will adjust in certain areas due to different employee expectations and norms from one country to the other?

When the Vegas office launched they said it was 32 days paid holiday and full health insurance. Don’t know about the rest

From LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/las-vegas-customer-service-representative-at-monzo-bank-1370204210

We offer some amazing benefits! :raised_hands: These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • 32 days paid vacation per year
  • Healthcare - 100% contribution to medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Work from home (when you need to)
  • Catered lunches twice a week
  • Personal learning budget for books, training courses and conferences to help you learn and grow
  • Team-building, socials and other fun get-togethers

Think @simonb might be able to answer the more US specific things like 401k and Monzo shares?

My understanding is that we try and keep everything in line. Keeping the paid holiday the same has proven to be a huge draw for our US staff, as most folks in the US don’t get anywhere near that level of paid vacation.

We do offer a 401k however I’m not sure on the equity situation.

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32 days holiday! I need to join Monzo.

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I wonder if they keep the pay at the same levels as well.

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That’s a great question, I would also wonder the same thing!

Are you thinking of applying?

I actually already have!!


Nice! :grin:

Which office?

Las Vegas!

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Hey Patrick, glad to hear about your application and best of luck :grinning:

You should have a recruiter contact, and they are the best person to ask specific direct questions about things like benefits and company hierarchy, other than what’s covered on the application form itself. We can provide some context here on the forum, but you’ll certainly get more detailed answers from our recruiters, since that’s their job! :raised_hands:


Thank you for the suggestion, Simon!:ok_hand: